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Student Inc. allows students to spend the summer in the Rubicon Centre working full-time on their ideas/businesses side by side with the 50+ other entrepreneurs based in the Centre. For each of the last three years up to 7 project teams have spent the summer in the Rubicon developing their business ideas. In 2015, 7 projects were facilitated. In most cases it involved an individual but we have also had teams.


The following supports are provided:

  • Office space (provided by Rubicon)
  • Access to Rubicon Team
  • Part-time programme manager
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Up to €5k in seed funding per project. This money was used to either to pay themselves a stipend over the summer or to pay rent (house), or get a prototype developed.


Some of the projects that began on this initiative and are now viable businesses are:

  • (Tracy Ryan) (summer of 2011; products stocked nationwide & exporting)
  • (Alex Musgrave) (summer of 2012: now employing 7 with customers worldwide,including Audi)
  • (Neville O’Donoghue) (summer 2014: Landmark Media (owners of the Irish Examiner, Evening Echo, 96 FM and much more) agreed a partnership deal and bought a majority share in Benchwarmers)

The Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence has accredited the Student Inc. Programme into a 5 credit module which is assessed and the students are awarded credit for completion.





The Hincks Centre has a role in terms of informing policy on entrepreneurship related issues at CIT level, and at national and international level. At CIT level, there is active involvement with the development of a CIT entrepreneurship strategy as well as the engagement strategy development. At national level, submissions have been made on behalf of CIT to the National Entrepreneurship Policy statement for Ireland in 2013 and in conjunction with CEEN, input and feedback was provided for the ‘Collaborating for talent and growth Strategy for Higher Education-Enterprise Engagement’ in 2015. At international level, submissions were made in response to calls for consultations on programme such as Horizon 2020, - Draft Work Programme (2016- 17), Societal Challenge 6 work packages through Irish Research Council in 2014 with a particular focus on entrepreneurship education. Subsequent feedback on the first draft work packages which included entrepreneurship education, innovation and growth was submitted in 2015





CIT have an active internal entrepreneurship group comprised of staff from the development office, Rubicon Centre, academic, administration, management, student enterprise interns, and students union etc. that meet every six weeks during the academic year. The aim of the group is to plan and discuss all entrepreneurship related activities across all of CIT campuses and disciplines.

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