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The Hincks Centre is currently involved in the following programmes: 


  • CPEER - A peer-to-peer group for academic staff and researchers focused on supporting educators in their research and teaching endeavours in entrepreneurship education.
  • Enactus Society CIT- A student led society that promotes entrepreneurship on Campus focusing on people and revenue impacts and making improvements for individuals and communities alike.
  • Enterprise Camp - An annual event that takes place every summer on Campus. It is aimed at 14 to 16 year old students who spend a week exploring entrepreneurship and starting their own business as a future career. More information is also available here.
  • SmARtEST - A training programme for persons of 65 years or over focusing on identification of existing entrepreneurial skills and development of an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Student Inc. - The Student Incubation Programme also known as Student Inc. is a programme set up to encourage CIT's student entrepreneurs to develop their business.
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