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Education & Training

"The development and promotion of entrepreneurship have been strategic objectives of both the EU and Member State policies for many years, and have grown in importance over time, with the European Commission and individual Member States adopting a range of measures. Key amongst these is the building of a stronger culture of entrepreneurship and 'entrepreneurial mind-sets’ of European citizens, particularly young people. Education and training are key drivers in this process." 
European Commision


The Hincks Centre continues to develop initiatives in the area of entrepreneurship education focusing on education and accreditation of entrepreneurial programmes and modules and developing innovative approaches to embedding entrepreneurial thinking into the curricula.



  • Curriculum development - level 6 module/ Ed 4 Life Structured PhD Programme.
  • Special Purpose Award programme development.
  • Entrepreneurship Education Lectures and Seminar series.
  • Entrepreneurial workshops/lectures delivered as part of entrepreneurship boot camps, summer camps and intensive programmes.
  • Feedback and judging sessions across various departments on and off campus.



  • Training for entrepreneurship support staff.
  • Evaluation and review of existing training programmes.
  • Entrepreneurship training for Senior Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship and Employability training on development programmes
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