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WeRin Project Newsletters

Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. To improve inclusiveness for women in entrepreneurship education and increase female representation within the entrepreneurial ecosystems, within and outside of higher education environments.


  • Issue 1: shows the vision for the project, introduces some key contributors from the ecosystem research consortium, provides some previews of the research that explores women entrepreneurship, gender inclusivity and the inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also spotlights a selection of fascinating women entrepreneurs based in the Netherlands. August 2021.
  • Issue 2: The second issue brings insights from the recent Think Tanks that the WeRin consortium organised as the next step after the investigation phase of the project. February 2022.
  • Issue 3: All the latest project news, new role models, an introduction to our Norwegian partner ECWT, an update on the status of the WeRin Principles, an update on the status of the project, the next steps and much, much more. July 2022.


More information on this Erasmus+ funded project is available here.


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