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STEM Valorise Project Newsletters

Raising entrepreneurial competences of researchers to develop a new generation of STEM researchers empowered to make a stronger impact on society through the valorisation of their research.



  • Issue 1: The first issue of the STEM Valorise e-zine gives an insight into the project, discusses lighthouse stories and talks about valorisation and how the project will contribute to STEM valorisation. The e-zine also introduces the project partners. May, 2021.
  • Issue 2: This issue contains updates from the project, Lighthouse Stories and some Special Topics including a view of the professionals from Ireland on STEM Valorisation. November 2021.
  • Issue 3: Issue 3 provides an update on the latest project activities, including insights into the stakeholders involved in STEM valorisation and the TTO at Istanbul Technical University. Additionally, it presents an example of a training programme that helps researchers development important skills for valorisation. June 2022.




Further information on this Erasmus+KA2 funded project is available here.

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