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My Town, My Plan

In September 2019, the Hincks Centre commenced the delivery of My Town, My Plan Community Training Programme in Carrigaline, Clonakilty, Cobh, Kinsale, Midleton, Rosscarbery, Skibbereen and Youghal in collaboration with SECAD*.

The programme is being delivered as a part of the LEADER Programme in South and West Cork. Carrigaline, Cobh, Midleton and Youghal are in the South Cork programme and Clonakilty, Kinsale, Rosscarbery and Skibbereen are in the West Cork programme.

My Town, My Plan Community Training Programme is providing an innovative approach to future planning and development of community resources in towns and their hinterlands. Training workshops are being used to provide information, stimulate discussion, link resources and develop an action plan in conjunction with the communities in the areas.

At a personal level the programme is designed to positively impact on knowledge, leadership, management and teamwork skills.

At a community level the programme is designed to positively influence the community’s competence and capability to inform themselves, evaluate options and make collaborative decisions. This will enable them to create viable and sustainable community/social enterprises and develop an appropriate Town Plan for the future, with a clear sense of how the plan is supported with the appropriate legal structure and governance.

The intention and expected outcome of the training programme is to positively impact on the innovative development of a cohesive Town Plan for the future.

Structure of the Programme:

The programme is being delivered in twelve sessions. Each participant will receive an information / learning pack as well as materials from each training session.

A Facilitator has been assigned to each town to deliver the Core topics:

  • Core A - Developing Community / Social Enterprise (1 session)
  • Core B - Moving from Ideas to Validation (2 sessions)
  • Core C - Legal Structures and Governance (1 session) and
  • Core D - Developing My Town, My Plan Strategic Planning Process (4 sessions)

In addition to the Core topics, each town had the opportunity to select four Option topics to compliment their training. Options selected are relevant to that town's vision for their future Town Plan. These sessions, one per topic, are being delivered by trainers that are experts in those specific fields. The comprehensive list of Options are categorised under

  • Theme A - Enterprise and Asset Management
  • Theme B - Social, Community and Volunteer Supports and
  • Theme C - Environment

Shared Learning EVENTS:

The end of each programme will be marked with a final showcase - a Shared Learning event. Although originally scheduled for late April as live events, due to Covid_19 they have since been moved online. The Shared Learning event for West Cork will be held September 29, 2020 with the South Cork event being held October 7. Both events will start at 7pm. For details and for registration please click here. These will be achievement events and they will provide recognition for the participants that completed the programme. Each town will have an opportunity to display their learning and their achievements to date. With an exciting line-up of speakers, the events will be used as a promotional event to publicise the clear vision for Community led Town Plans and a road map to achieve the vision. It will be used to effectively engage the Town’s stakeholders. For further details please click here.

To register for these events please contact us on



* SECAD Partnership CLG (SECAD) is a Local Development Company that delivers a range of rural development and social inclusion programmes including LEADER 2014-2020, the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme, the Rural Social Scheme, Tus, PEIL 2014-2020 and many others. SECAD manages the LEADER programme as an implementing partner on behalf of the South and West Cork Local Community Development Committee and Cork County Council.


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