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Second Global Training Intern (2022/23) Joins Hincks Team

Second Global Training Intern (2022/23) Joins Hincks Team

16 January, 2023

The Hincks Centre were delighted to welcome Iñigo Seco Uzuriaga, Global Training Intern 2022-2023, to the Team today. We look forward to having Iñigo as part of our Team. Here, he tells us a bit about himself:


My name is Iñigo and I am from the Basque Country (North of Spain).

I studied Business Management in the University of the Basque Country (UPV) and, two years ago, I did an MBA related to the same field from an innovation and internationalisation perspective.

Four years ago, I went to Chile thanks to my exchange university course. Undoubtedly, this experience has had a huge impact on my personal development and improvement as a human being.

I consider myself to be a professional who gives and learns and who is keen on team training. I am used to working in teams and I like to share my personal opinions with others.

The main reason I decided to come here is because of my wishes and ambitions to push my career, to connect with new people and the environment. I am ready to discover my limits and try to overcome all kinds of obstacles, both professionally and personally.



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