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RENT 2022

RENT 2022

21 November, 2022

To understand how digital health entrepreneurship can solve crisis in the health sector, Hincks Centre PhD Researcher and Advance CRT Scholar, Neelofar Aleem conducted a systematic literature review analysis in this area of research to investigate the concept of collaboration in digital health entrepreneurship literature and how this field can be transformed in a crisis situation.



After an extensive literature review, thematic analysis and effect size measuring, Neelofar presented her research on "Re-Imagining Digital Health Entrepreneurship: Proposing a Collaborative Model" at the prestigious European Entrepreneurship Conference RENT 2022 in Naples Italy. The reviewers provided valuable and insightful feedback on the research on the ‘Proposed Collaborative Model’ in the field of Digital Health Entrepreneurship’.



Aleem, N., Kenny, B. and McGuirk, H. (2022) Re-imagining digital health entrepreneurship - proposing a collaborative model. RENT2022, Naples, Italy. 17-18 November.



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