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Showcasing Hincks

Showcasing Hincks

27 October, 2022

Showcasing new ideas for business through our wide portfolio of research projects, the Hincks’ Team met students and faculty from Niagara College, Canada in the Council Room for a morning of interactive lectures.


Under the banner of ‘Be World Ready’, the 21 strong group of undergraduate and post grad students had a busy week with colleagues from across MTU’s School of Business.



The Hincks Centre delivered four sessions:

  • Introductions, Context, and Intraprise with Dr Helen McGuirk;
  • Female Entrepreneurship, the WeRin Project and the Value of ‘Nudging’ with Dr Sarah Davis;
  • The Silver Economy, the Silver SMEs and Senior EcoNect Projects with Dr Aisling ConwayLenihan;
  • Circular Economy, Agri-Enterprise and the Target Circular Project with Dr Niall O’Leary.



Thanks to colleagues Don Crowley, Head of the Department of Organisation & Professional Development and Dr Breda Kenny, Head of the School of Business, for the invitation and thanks to Dr Holly Catalfamo, Dr Kristine Clark and all 21 students from Niagara College.

See you next year!


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