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EC Approves WeRin Project Interim Report

EC Approves WeRin Project Interim Report

14 October, 2022


A mid-point interim report is required for all European Commission Erasmus+ funded projects.

The WeRin project gathered all the information about their work since the project commenced in January 2021. A report was prepared by our ACEEU partner and submitted in August 2022. A lot of work has been accomplished by the WeRin consortium at this the half-way point on the 3-year term. 

The EC Independent Assessment Report states that the submitted WeRin report is 'very detailed, clearly structured and provides all the necessary data to have an overview of the achievements, plans and challenges addressed by the consortium'. It also acknowledges that although the project has experienced a few difficulties, many Covid-19 pandemic related, overall, the project is on track to deliver its aims and objectives. The assessment was particularly complimentary about the usefulness of the interim outputs from this project:

“It is one of the rare cases when interim results can be fully used by the public and they are freely available through the project website.”


Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero, FH Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Germany - Lead Partners.


The methodology report was considered to be Good, with outputs such as the quality assurance plan and the dissemination plan deemed to be Very Good. The literature review report and the country specific reports on the current state of gender inclusivity achieved an Excellent standard.

The Independent Assessment went on to say that the visual identity of the project was well established with the templates, the logo and other attributes all contributing to a unique project identity. The project team regularly develops e-journals and blogs to keep target groups updated on the progress of activities of the project making effective use of the project website and social media. The report also highlighted that the project was recognised at European level by winning the Social EU Award for Best Editorial Plan. The project partners recognise the expert lead of partner Momentum in this area.

The evaluation report assesses the progress of the project as very positive with the project achieving a high standard on the planned deliverables.



MTU, represented by the Hincks Centre and the Rubicon Centre, will soon take the lead for the fifth work package which seeks to embed the principles into entrepreneurship education and to develop a community of practice focused on making entrepreneurship education more gender inclusive for women. 

The report suggests that the final outcomes of this prestigious project have strong potential to develop policy recommendations for national and regional stakeholders for the development of more gender inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems.

To find out more about our inclusive WeRin project, click here to visit the project page on our website.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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