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ECBS Visiting Scholar Published

ECBS Visiting Scholar Published

29 July, 2022

Dr Mukesh H. V., Hincks Centre’s ECSB Visiting Scholar from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India, had his research published recently in the well regarded The Journal of Entrepreneurship.



The ongoing digital transformation has a profound implication on digital businesses in particular and entrepreneurial innovation in general. The current understanding of the implication of digital transformation is focused mainly on the organisational and individual levels. This article tries to understand the implication of digital transformation at a higher level of aggregation (like the regional and national levels) and explore how the digital set of ingredients contributes to entrepreneurial innovation at the national level.


The data from a sample of 55 countries (that participated in GEM 2018 and 2019) were analysed using fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis to explore the causal configurations explaining the implication of digital transformation.


The ongoing digital transformation is not only contributing to the growth of digital businesses but also to entrepreneurial innovation in general at the national level. This is mainly due to the transition from the traditional set of ingredients (like regulatory environment, economic freedom, finance for new ventures, corruption level, human capital, entrepreneurial education - which fuelled entrepreneurial innovation) to the digital set of ingredients (like ICT access, ICT regulation and digital skills among the population). This transition from the traditional to the digital set of ingredients indicates that the digital transformation is taking centre stage in driving entrepreneurial innovation at the country level.


Mukesh, H. V. (2022). Digital Transformation Taking Centre Stage: How Is Digital Transformation Reshaping Entrepreneurial Innovation? The Journal of Entrepreneurship. 31(2).


Congratulations Mukesh from all at Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence.

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