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Dr Sarah Davis ... EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneer

Dr Sarah Davis ... EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneer

14 June, 2022

Coincidence is amazing! The EntreCompEdu and the Erasmus+ WeRin project were both nominated and awarded Social EU awards recently.....

.... and that is how the Hincks Centre found out about the EntreCompEdu free, online training program organised by Bantani Education.

EntreComp - the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, is a framework of competences identified by the European Commission as important for Entrepreneurship. The image below shows the fifteen competences divided into three areas - Ideas & Opportunities, Resources, and Into Action.



Beginning in March 2022, Dr Sarah Davis, Senior Researcher with the Hincks Centre, took part in this EntreComp Education focused, self-paced programme on embedding the EntreComp competences into lifelong learning and education. 

The programme offered five units relevant to entrepreneurship educators: 

  • entrepreneurial knowledge and understanding;
  • planning and organisation;
  • teaching and training;
  • assessment;
  • professional learning and development.

The program included a wealth of resources for teaching and learning using the EntreComp framework, with shared reflective practice being the key assessment method. The facilitators were engaging and provided timely feedback, encouragement and extra resources in response to questions raised. A positive learning experience supported by peers through LoopMe feedback and through weekly Café sessions!



The Hincks Centre is delighted to announce that Sarah successfully graduated at the online ceremony on June 14th, 2022 and is now a certified EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneer.



Congratulations Sarah! Maith thú!


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