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Rural Femmes Project

Rural Femmes Project

20 May, 2022


On the 17th of May, partners from the Rural Femmes project were delighted to meet in person for the final project meeting in Perigueux, France. The meeting was hosted by lead project partner Chambre Départemental d'Agriculture de Dordogne.

Dr. Ana Cruz Garcia and Rebecca Robinson from the Hincks Centre travelled to Perigueux to meet Serge Fourloubey from Chambre Départemental d'Agriculture de Dordogne (France), Yolanda Guitierrez from Desarrollo de Estrategias Exteriores SA (Grupo DEX) (Spain) and Garbiñe Elizaincin Ohárriz from Instituto Navarro de Tecnologias e Infraestructuras Agroalimentarias S.A. (INTIA) (Spain).



The three main objectives for the final meeting were:

  • To attend and participate in the French Rural Femmes Multiplier event;
  • Be interviewed as partners to finalise the Rural Femmes video and
  • Work on the final report requirements and administrative documents to close the project.

Meeting the project partners in person and attending the multiplier event gave us all the opportunity and time to discuss the different experiences in each country in greater detail as well as allowing us the time to highlight insights that would go towards making the training better for all participants.



We would like to thank all the team at Chambre Départemental d'Agriculture de Dordogne, France for their hospitality and the warm welcome they extended to the Hincks team.


To learn more about the Erasmus+ co-funded Rural Femmes project, visit the European Projects section of our website.



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