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WeRin Project

WeRin Project

13 March, 2022

The WeRin team are delighted to release a short video in which four successful female entrepreneurs answer the question ‘What supports your entrepreneurial journey?’ All four women highlight that the most important thing is the support that exists between women in the ecosystem. 

The Irish female entrepreneur, Olivia Norman, founder of Naivilo, speaks about the excellent support available across Munster Technological University and from the Rubicon Centre. The other 3 female entrepreneurs have founded businesses in the Netherlands, Turkey, and Germany. The video focuses on the positives of what is working well for women entrepreneurs embedded in the ecosystems.

The video is available on the WeRin website.


The WeRin partners have also just launched the latest report about the current state of gender inclusivity across Ireland, with a focus on the Cork area. The report is based on over 60 qualitative interviews with entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders, including women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship educators and programme managers, students who have accessed entrepreneurship education and other stakeholders from government enterprise support agencies.



The report is available to download here.


If you are interested in gender inclusive ecosystems across Europe, the WeRin website Resources provide the reports from partners from Turkey, Germany, Croatia and the Netherlands.

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