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Hincks Approved to Award their First Digital Badge

Hincks Approved to Award their First Digital Badge

10 November, 2021

The Hincks Centre are thrilled to announce that we can now offer participants of the programme “Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries” a Digital Badge for the skills and knowledge gained through this training.

The Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries training addresses an identified gap in the training of individuals in the creative industries sphere. Creative professionals are often self-employed, freelancers and this training provides them with relevant skills to enhance their employability opportunities, their skills and their businesses as creatives. In particular, the learner will develop their own personal business model, learn how to market and how to engage with the latest technical tools.



The training aims to enhance the readiness of graduates by creating comprehensive and sustainable modules of interdisciplinary training – combining Entrepreneurship including business skills, Technology and Marketing.

  • Entrepreneurship: Focusing on ideation, business model design and viability assessment. The viability assessment is based on an innovative approach to assess business models using a structured approach inspired by how scientists assess research questions.
  • Technology: Focusing on lighting, sound quality, microphones, video streaming and creative uses of technology.
  • Marketing: Covering the principles of marketing and communications, knowledge about key marketing concepts, tools and platforms, creating an understanding of the value proposal and applying this knowledge to creative industries.

Participants will receive a Digital Badge at the end of the training. This Digital Badge can be displayed or shared online via a range of platforms including virtual learning environments, blogs, e-portfolios and social media sites such as LinkedIn. The digital badge demonstrates evidence of learning and accomplishment to potential employers, organisations and other parties.

Training will take place online over a series of 9 sessions and the schedule for 2022 is yet to be decided. The training is led by the Hincks Centre's Dr. Niall O’Leary. For enquiries, email

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