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Hincks Nominated for Best Paper - 3E Conference 2021

Hincks Nominated for Best Paper - 3E Conference 2021

05 May, 2021

The second paper from Hincks, presented at the 3E Conference 2021 was nominated for best paper and presented on Wednesday afternoon at the Plenary Session. 


Assessing Entrepreneurial Learning: A Review of Practice in Higher Education

Breda Kenny, Helen McGuirk and Therese Moylan 

The paper poses three questions:

  1. what are entrepreneurship educators assessing;
  2. how are they assessing entrepreneurial learning and,
  3. how has assessment practice evolved in the five-year timeframe of the research?



The research is based on data gathered from educators across Ireland through the NEAR 2016 and 2021 projects. The findings show a slight departure from the more traditional assessment methods and practice in EE.

Thank you to the discussants, Prof Hans Landstrom, Lund University and Prof Per Blenker, Aarhus University and the audience who provided valuable comments.


For more information on the NEAR projects see our Irish Projects section.
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