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Professor Arnaldo Camuffo Presents ....

Professor Arnaldo Camuffo Presents ....

15 March, 2021

As part of MTU’s Innovation & Enterprise Month 2021, the Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence were delighted to host a guest webinar by Prof Arnaldo Camuffo of Bocconi University, Milan on Monday March 15th. The webinar, entitled 'Increasing Start-Up Success by Focusing on Entrepreneurial Decision Making', drew viewers from near and far. 

Prof Camuffo shared the story of their ground-breaking research running some of the first randomised controlled trials with start-ups. As part of the webinar, Prof Camuffo outlined how start-ups that were taught a ‘scientific’ method to making decisions wasted less time and money and changed their start-up in fewer but more effective phases.

Finally, Prof Camuffo outlined the benefits in terms of cumulative income.



The Harvard Business Review recently published an article on this exciting research.




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