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New Year ... New Projects

New Year ... New Projects

15 February, 2021

The Hincks Centre have had a busy New Year including the start of two exciting new projects. The kick-off meeting for STEM Valorise, an Erasmus + KA2 funded project, was on the 22nd of January. The lead partner for this 24 month project is Istanbul Technical University. Together with partners from France and The Netherlands, the Hincks Centre in collaboration with Irene Sheridan at Extended Campus, MTU, will work to develop entrepreneurial skills among STEM researchers. 

February 4th saw the kick-off meeting for ScreenMe-Net project. This is the Hincks Centre's first Horizon 2020 funded project and is lead by Tallinn University, Estonia. The relatively novel project is aimed at building media research and entrepreneurial competencies in Estonia which are somewhat less developed compared to the other partner countries (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Sweden). The Hincks Centre and MTU will be providing expertise on entrepreneurship and how that relates to the media sector.

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