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Enactus CIT Presents ....

Enactus CIT Presents ....

26 May, 2020

Congratulation to EnactusCIT for their great presentation at the National Competition this year. The group presented details of their two social enterprises online - the ACE project - meals made with loving hands and ECO - composting done right.

Their great presentation was recorded and produced by the group themselves during the Covid19 restrictions, exams and end of year commitments - WELL DONE EnactusCIT.

Congratulations to EnactusDCU who won the National Competition. They go forward to the World Cup in September.

And, a hearty congratulations to EnactusCIT business adviser Dan O’Shea who received EnactusIRELAND’s ‘Spirit of Enactus’ award for his long service as a business adviser. Thank you, Dan, for all your valuable advice and support for EnactusCIT projects over the years.

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