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Enterprise Interns Team at CIT

Enterprise Interns Team at CIT

27 September, 2019

CIT’s Enterprise Interns team have settled into the new Semester very well. The role of the four Interns is to actively support, promote and develop a spirit of Enterprise and Self-Employment amongst students attending CIT.


The Enterprise Interns team are (L to R):

  • MaryRose Shanahan - Faculty of Business and Humanities, based at the Hincks Centre.
  • Ellen Cahill - Rubicon Centre
  • Dylan Hennessy - Faculty of Science and Engineering and 
  • Sorcha McMahon - Rubicon Centre

With the support of the lecturers, the team met with first year business students and explained the opportunities and resources CIT offers to students in all areas of entrepreneurship. To begin the information session, the team outlined the entrepreneurship eco-system in CIT including The Rubicon Centre, The Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence, Lecturers, Competitions, Innovation Week, Research and Modules.


Next, the Team introduced the exciting Business Model Canvas Competition. Here the students apply their business idea to a business model canvas and pitch to a panel of judges, with the chance to win €500. Last year, 900 students competed. Hopefully this year we will see an increase to over 1,000. Details can be found on


All students have the opportunity to show their innovative thinking through competitions such as:


Examples of entrepreneurship focused modules at CIT include:

  • New Venture Planning (4th Yr)
  • Creative Innovation and Teamwork (mandatory in 1st Yr)
  • Student Inc. (summer module open to all students)
  • New Enterprise Development (3rd Yr)
  • Entrepreneurship Mindset (1st and 2nd Yr)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Masters & PhD)

Enterprise Interns are planting the seed of entrepreneurship in CIT students.

To find out more, contact MaryRose Shanahan at

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