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SmARtEST Day Out in Rubicon

SmARtEST Day Out in Rubicon

16 July, 2019

On Tuesday, July 16 the Rubicon Centre was home for a day to the participants of the SmARtEST programme.

Sarah Davis, Rísam PhD scholar at CIT, is coordinating this pilot programme in collaboration with Cork Education and Training Board (CETB).

The acronym SmARtEST stands for Smart Ageing and Renewal through Entrepreneurial Skills Training. The training programme is intended for persons who are 65 years or over and it focuses on identification of existing entrepreneurial skills and development of an entrepreneurial mindset.



Paul Healy, Manager, Rubicon Centre, ran a very informative session on raising finance for a start-up business. Paul discussed different things such as fundraising stages, funding mix, stages of finance raising, agencies who can help and financial supports.


Jane Leonard, Lecturer, Department of Organisation & Professional Development, gave an engaging session on entrepreneurs effectual thinking and behaviour. Jane spoke about entrepreneurship as rational, entrepreneurial successes, a managerial approach, effectual approach, an entrepreneurial approach and effectual principles.


Declan Ryan gave us a great talk about his business Arbutus bread. Declan started Arbutus Bread in 1999. In Mayfield he has been able to indulge his dream of creating an Artisan bakery based mainly on French techniques and styles of equipment.


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