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Hincks Outlines Social Entrepreneurship Research Findings

Hincks Outlines Social Entrepreneurship Research Findings

30 May, 2019

Enactus National Finals Faculty Advisor Forum, Chartered Accountants House, Dublin 2.

At this forum, Lisa Murphy, lecturer, CIT outlined the findings of the Social Entrepreneurship research that was jointly undertaken by herself and Helen McGuirk in March 2019, when a survey was sent to students from 10 Higher Education Institutes across the country. The survey garnered 531 responses to a variety of questions which covered; students’ membership of entrepreneurial focused societies and reasons why they join such societies; exposure to entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship focused modules; interest in studying social entrepreneurship and general curiosity with regard to social entrepreneurship; their intention to start a business and/or social enterprise. 

The Enactus Faculty Advisor Forum gave us the opportunity to discuss the research with peers and add more depth to feedback already received from the 3E conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, held this year from the 8th-10th May where the authors presented the research findings in a paper titled “Social Entrepreneurial Intention – Are we Behind the Curve?”.


Lisa Murphy presenting at the Forum
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