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CPEER Holds Second Gathering

CPEER Holds Second Gathering

08 February, 2019

CPEER’s (Community of Practise for Entrepreneurship Educators and Researchers) second gathering was held on February 8th. This was a follow-on meeting to our inaugural workshop held on December 17th the main goal of, which was to construct a collective vision for CPEER with interested parties across all campuses in CIT.  The group acts as a forum to discuss EEE, the needs of entrepreneurship educators and researchers, the challenges they face and the state of the art in EEE in terms of pedagogy and practise.

The insights that we gathered from this highly productive workshop enabled us to commence planning activities in a second workshop held on February 8th where we identified tasks (aligned to our Vision) that we are intent on accomplishing for 2019. This planning exercise with a growing CPEER membership was very fruitful in that it allowed us to prioritise tasks some of which include developing an-online shared resource for CPEER to capture members’ details, areas of teaching and research, pedagogical resources, upcoming seminars in the EEE space etc. This is a significant undertaking, which will leverage CIT’s new WorkVivo intranet initiative.

We also firmed up the finer details of a very exciting seminar that will be held during innovation week on the 8th March, where the illustrious Professor Thomas Cooney from TU Dublin will give a talk on “Missing Entrepreneurs: Research & Practice Opportunities in Minority Entrepreneurship ”. If you are interested in attending this FREE lecture please follow this link

And finally, CPEER is delighted to announce that it was successful in its funding application to the TLU Learning Community (LC) fund, whose call for funding went out to CIT recently. This funding ensures that CPEER has the means to realise its Vision for 2019 and beyond enabling it to become, over time, an important component of CIT’s Entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For further details on CPEER please click here.

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