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ecoRIS3 workshop in CORK

ecoRIS3 workshop in CORK

28 November, 2017

The second ecoRIS3 group meeting was held here in Cork at CIT. As discussed at the kick of meeting, these workshops are a great opportunity to share and learn innovative solutions from other partners across European regions. 

Xabier Hualde, Project Manager at ecoRIS3, lead partner, Fomento San Sebastian said during the workshop “it is really helpful in terms of learning from each other how other parts of Europe build their own innovation ecosystem, work in the frame of their respective RIS3 strategies and face similar problems as it really helps partners to identify possible solutions”. 

Taking advantage of the dry day in Cork, the group walked around the town centre and visited locations such as the English Market and Blackrock Castle, where Dr Niall Smith provided a visit through the observatory and gave a hint on how places like castles can be used as a connection between history and education today.

We also visited Tyndall National Institute, a leader research centre in integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technology); Republic of Work, a co-working space in the centre of Cork City, and the Rubicon Centre, Ireland’s leading business innovation Hub, where thanks to its support, many entrepreneur’s dreams are coming true. 

Cork, Ireland’s second biggest city, is becoming a popular destination for innovative, tech and information enterprises because of the oportunities and the help given to those who fight for their business ideas.

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