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Fomento San Sebastian Internship In CIT

Fomento San Sebastian Internship In CIT

13 May, 2015

CIT is currently hosting a number of graduates from Fomento de San Sebastian for their INTERNATIONAL GRANT PROGRAMME 2015-2016.
San Sebastián, in its objective to find operative solutions for emerging new realities and future challenges, both for European and global spheres, launches the programme “INTERNATIONAL GRANTS FOR YOUNG GRADUATES”, known as “Global Training”, which promotes transnational mobility among young professionals to carry out the activities and projects related to their academic and professional profile in companies/organizations in foreign countries, with a practical, previously planned training programme.

• To promote internationalisation among young people by means of internships abroad in a specific trade/sector.
• To promote economic and social cohesion through cooperation between different actors and the generation of mutual benefits for both the candidate and the host company.
• To reinforce the role of practical learning at the international level to create citizenship, knowledge, intercultural dialogue and openness to other peoples and cultures.

The Hincks Centre has welcomed Ane to the team who will work as part of our busy entrepreneurship centre until the end of summer 2015.  Ane outlines her internship experience below:
My name is Ane Fano Dadebat, I am a 26 year old Graduate in Communication. I come from the Basque Country (North of Spain) and I am here thanks to the junction between CIT and Fomento Donostia, an institution in charge of the management of the Basque Government’s Global Training Experience.
I call it experience and not internship because the aim of this job is not only to actually get a job in a foreign country for 6 to 8 months, but also to be able to internationalise and learn about the modus operandi of other countries, universities or companies all around the world and being able to create a relationship between the countries involved.
I had the chance of going to other places such as Argentina but the opportunity of coming to Ireland was something I could not pass up. Working in a place like the Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence at the CIT is something that is going to help me to develop myself not only as a professional, but also as a human being.
The projects I am involved in are always related to innovation but also to helping people to find new ideas for their future, which is an add value to my experience due to the fact that learning this can also help to my own country. 

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