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My Business Project

My Business Project

12 July, 2016


The final meeting for MYBUSINESS took place 5-6th July 2016 in Brussels, and was kindly hosted by Fédération des Initiatives et Actions Sociales - Action coordonnée de Formation et d'Insertion (FIAS- ACFI), Brussels, Belgium. 

Issues addressed during the two-day event included:

  • Project management -  implementation status: Work plan, implemented activities up to date and planned activities.
  • Project management - Internal monitoring, Reporting - clarifications on the justifying documents related to the Final Report, Financial update.
  • Implementation - Intellectual Output 2 - Discussion upon the main conclusions and recommendations for improvement of the SEAP resulted from the organisation of the pilot courses.
  • Implementation - Debates on the best practices and presentation of the Policy Recommendations.
  • Communication and Dissemination: Updates on project image, website, social media and newsletter.
  • Implementation - Networking - Future collaboration in the development of the Erasmus+ projects

Partners were welcomed to the meeting by Mr. Daniel Therasse, Director, ACFI-FIAS (Brussels), who thanked all the participants for attending and gave a brief presentation about the company. He highlighted that this project will be a successful one thanks to the good collaboration of the partners in the implementation of the activities.  Moreover, he mentioned that, in the future, this collaboration will develop into further successful projects financed by European Funds.

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