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Invited Contributions / Speaking Events


  • McGuirk, H. (2018), Good Practices in Entrepreneurship: How Can Research Help?, invited presentation to participants of the New Frontiers Programme at the Rubicon Centre, Cork, November 29th.
  • McGuirk, H. (2018), Innovation: Measures, Drivers and Policy, guest lectures to Masters Students of MA in Global Business Practice, CIT, November 20th.
  • McGuirk, H. (2018), Innovation in Business, guest lectures to Masters Students of MSc in International Business, CIT, November 20th.
  • McGuirk, H (2018), Energy, Education and Entrepreneurship, invited speaker at Network Ireland (Cork) event, November 7th.
  • McGuirk, H (2018), Business Planning for Social Enterprises, invited lecture to Interdisciplinary students, October 31st.
  • McGuirk, H (2018), Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation, invited lecture to visiting students and faculty from Niagara College, Canada, October 25th.
  • Kenny, B (2017), Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in the Marine Tourism Sector: The Cool Route Case, Blue Opportunities: The Marine Economy in the Northern Periphery and Arctic Area Annual Conference, Marine Institute, Galway, Sept 21st.
  • Kenny, B (2017), Female Entrepreneurship and the Importance of Diversity in Business and Society, International Women’s Day Briefing, Bank Of Ireland Workbench Cork, March 8th.
  • Kenny, B (2016), Overview of the current assessment practices in entrepreneurship education in Ireland: Findings from the NEAR (National Entrepreneurship Assessment Review) project, Authentic Assessment within and across Disciplines, National Forum Workshop, NIMBUS Centre, Cork Institute of Technology, Cork, Nov. 25th.
  • Kenny, B (2016), Building the Support Measures for Entrepreneurship Education and Research, China Education Association for International Exchange, Cork, Nov. 15th.
  • Kenny, B (2016), The Role of the Business Mentor for Green and Sustainable businesses: The Green Mentor Project Experience, Reimagine Business SMEs and the Circular Economy, Drogheda, Ireland, Oct 20th.
  • Kenny, B (2016), The Cool Route Project and the Potential to Support Rural Peripheral SMEs, Glandore Classic Boat Summer School, Cork, Ireland,  July 16th & 17th.
  • Kenny, B (2016), Affiliate Report on Entrepreneurship Activities of the European Council for Small Business, the International Council for Small Business Board Meeting, San Diego, USA, Jan 9th.
  • Iandoli L and Kenny B (2016), 3e ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference Overview and Review, the International Council for Small Business Board Meeting, San Diego, USA, Jan 9th.
  • Kenny B and Moylan, T (2015),  The Role and Impact of the ACE initiative and Campus Entrepreneurship Enterprise Network (CEEN) in entrepreneurship education in HEIs in Ireland, HEInnovate Review of Entrepreneurship, OECD/European Commission Review, Department of Education, Marlborough St, Dublin, Oct, 12th.
  • Kenny, B (2015), The Entrepreneur and the PhD candidate: A comparison between the entrepreneurship and PhD process and outcomes, Staff Doctorates Comhluadar, Cork Institute of Technology, Nov 6th.
  • Kenny B (2014), The Entrepreneurship Eco-System at Cork Institute of Technology. InBusiness InCork, Cork Innovates showcase, City Hall, Nov 14th.
  • Kenny, B (2014), Determinants of Small Firm Growth in Ireland, CPA Council Strategy Event, Blue Haven, Kinsale, Cork, Oct 18th.
  • Kenny, B (2013), The Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence: The Beginning and the Vision, Cork Institute of Technology, School of Business Staff Development Seminar, Dec 16th.
  • Kenny, B (2013), Celebrating Award Winning Student Entrepreneurship Projects, President’s Reception, Cork Institute of Technology, Nov 7th.
  • Kenny B, Kerrigan B and T Moylan (2013), Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education in the Irish Context, Malaysian Entrepreneurship Educators Programme, Dublin City University, Nov 13,
  • Kenny, B (2013), The Link between the HETAC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Guidelines and the Entrepreneurial Eco-system, Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship (ACE) Initiative Workshop, Athlone Institute of Technology, Oct 25th.
  • Kenny B (2013), Networks, Technology and Entrepreneurs, Cork Social Good Summit, Imperial Hotel, Cork, Sept 24th.
  • Kenny B (2013), Fostering a culture of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Education, GMIT Enterprise Educators Event, Galway, June 5th.
  • Kenny, B (2012), Internationalisation of High Technology Services: The Case of Surecom, at the Irish Innovation Showcase, Dell Campus, Limerick, Oct 4th.
  • Kenny B and J Sheehan (2012), Running a Business in a Recession, to postgraduate students in Innovation Management and Technology Commercialisation, Atlantic University Alliance, UCC, April 14th.
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