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Training For Entrepreneurship Support Staff in Financial Institutions

Training Duration: 2 Days


  • Strengthen the skills of staff in Support Staff in supporting early-stage and growth/mature businesses
  • Improve the ability of the teams to assess the current state of an early stage/growth business and its potential to evolve into a viable sustainable business
  • Strengthen the assessment of risk for financial support.
  • Understand the optimal role for the financial institutions in working with other key financial supporters of the business (state agencies, investors etc.)
  • Building a strategic approach to partnering with the management team of a viable early stage business to drive a mutually long-term profitable partnership with the business.

Module Content

  • Lifecycle of early-stage businesses
  • Key success/failure factors and challenges for early stage businesses
  • Assessing current status of an early stage business
  • Current support structures for early stage businesses
  • Best Practice models for Supporting Start ups




Senior Entrepreneur Action Programme

Training Duration: 8 weekly sessions from 9.30am to 3.00pm


  • To encourage the participant to explore, identify and plan a potential entrepreneurial or micro enterprise opportunity in a particular sector, social environment or organisation.
  • To facilitate the participant to identify the core skills, values and attributes of the entrepreneur and relate these to their personal skill set and life experience

Module Content

  • Unit 1 – Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Unit 2 – Getting started with a business
  • Unit 3 – Marketing/Networking
  • Unit 4 – Money Matters




Tailored Entrepreneurship And Employability Training

Training Duration: 10 weeks – 2 hours per week


  • To make entrepreneurship and employability training accessible to women who have survived gender-based violence by incorporating personal development training and collaborating with trainers in existing outreach programmes.

Module Content

  • Personal Development
  • Employability Skills
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Personal Budgeting







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