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The Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence,  has recently been awarded the Interreg Europe ecoRIs3 project and we are also the Communications Leader for the international consortium.

ecoRIS3 addresses the transfer of innovation and knowledge, produced by both Research and Technological Organisations (RTOs) and Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), to all types of Enterprises.

This important connectivity frequently demonstrates gaps which can be a brake on overall levels of innovation and growth.

Regional Innovation SMART Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) focus on how the regional innovation ecosystem can be best structured and delivered.

The ecoRIs3 project addresses the clear need to promote better policies and measures, which generate solid interactions and knowledge transfers, between key research and production actors.

Among the activities to be delivered are a series of Regional SWOT Analyses, Exchanges of Experience and Good Practices and Policy Recommendations.

To go directly to the ecoRIS3 website click on the link

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